Volleyball or volleyball is a collective sport involving two teams consisting of six players and separated by a net, confronting each other with a ball on a rectangular ground. There are two main adaptations: Indoor Volleyball and Beach Volleyball.

The main rule of volleyball is simple: “The ball must not touch the ground”. This rule demonstrates the attention that the players must give as well as the organization they must demonstrate to respectively allocate the space to the game.

Volleyball offers a lot of jumps, high ball games, smashes of all kinds and recovery dives.

The reference equipment for playing Volleyball is as follows:

Men: Shortsouple, T-shirt or tank top tight to body but supple.
Women’s: Shorty or tight shorts and t-shirt or tank top tight and held to the body.
Of course, equipment is added indispensable protections such as knee pads but also the utility of jumpers or jerseys is necessary to facilitate the meeting of the two teams.

With a very large number of participants, volleyball takes place in the most practiced sports in the world.

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