Board sport

Board sport

Winter or not, the sport of sliding is practiced with planks, sledges or skis. There are all sorts, adapted to all levels and all types of slides.

Sliding sports are sports of balance and observation, allowing to work its positions in relation to the weight of the body while regulating the speed or the direction. Observation is essential in this sport in order to see the obstacles, the quality of the sliding ground as well as the other sliders.

Skiing is possible with skis and sticks to stabilize and turn. The Snowboard is practiced with a Snow board, rather broad and long and the direction is only working with movements of the pelvis. The sled, practiced even by the very young, has a very large number of sliding tools, also called sledges, which are handled and have a different capacity.

These winter sports are also present during the Olympic Winter Games and are practically, most often, on mountainous and snowy terrain.

The equipment for these sports is numerous because it is necessary to protect themselves from the cold with warm clothes and adapted to the snow and the sport but also to protect themselves with specific protections, intended for the sports of sliding to prevent any falls or impacts.

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